What is a Media Missionary?

As Christians we can sometimes forget that not everyone grows up in a churched culture. In fact most people don’t.

We no longer live in a ‘Christian society’, and people today do not even know the basics of the Christian story.


What this means is:

  • People don’t know who the latest Christian pop-stars are.
  • They don’t know praise and worship songs.
  • They have never heard of all your favorite preachers.
  • They aren’t driving around with Christian teaching CDs or music in their car.
  • They aren’t attending church at all.


So how on earth do we reach them?


This is where Christian Radio comes in. As I discuss in my new book, Christian Radio stations are like media missionaries. But instead of being sent to some foreign land to minister to the pagans, they are sent via radio waves and Internet streaming to the un-churched people in our own city. As like the missionaries of old, they also go to a people and culture who are foreign to the Christian message. Going into places that the local church can not reach by themselves.

How does this really work?


Imagine this – somebody is alone, driving in their car, they switch on the radio and tune in to any station they wish. No one is watching them. No matter what reputation they might have with their family or friends, no matter what prejudices they might have, no matter what their values and beliefs are, they can simply switch on the radio, scan through the channels, and stumble across the local Christian Radio station.

And do you know what the safe thing is for them?


Nobody will ever know they are listening to Christian Radio. It can’t be traced, it’s not being recorded, there will be no evidence left. They are safe to choose to listen to it as they please.


Your local Christian Radio station is a media missionary – how can you support them?


If you’d like more information on the way God moves through Christian Radio, then I’d encourage you to check out my new book, “Powerful Christian Radio: The strategy, impact & ministry of local Christian radio”.