The Last Public Christian Voice

Whether it’s watching, listening or reading, you would have to wonder these days if Christianity has any public voice anymore. In past decades every TV channel and many radio stations would broadcast Christian programs, but today these are few and far between. Not only have Christian programs been removed from broadcast, but TV series which are positive to Christianity, such as Seventh Heaven, are nowhere to be seen. Moreover, they have been replaced by stories which are negative towards Christianity, such as GCB, Lucifer, and even Doctor Who. Christians on any soap opera today are always portrayed with derogatory stereotypes, or presented as weak and bigoted. When was the last time you saw a pro-Christian message or character in a TV show?

Even ‘unbiased’ talk shows like the ABC’s Q&A program who have Christian guests on, sit them next to Christian-haters who hammer them down with abuse and name-calling, with anything the Christian says being labelled as ‘hate-speech.‘ (Since when did the Book of Love become an object of hate?)

You would have to wonder if there is any unbiased platform left for Christianity to have a public voice.

However, in many towns and cities in this country, there is one last remaining platform for Christianity to present their point of view. The local Christian radio station.

Not only does your local Christian radio station give a platform for local church pastors to have a public voice, produce news from a Christian worldview, and publicity for local Christian groups, but it broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Christian radio is often seen as the media arm of the local church, and when the church and Christianity in general can’t get a fair opinion voiced in mainstream media, it is imperative that Christians protect their last local asset.

Christian radio is not just radio for Christians. It is apologetic and evangelistic. Defending and presenting the gospel message, using a powerful modern method, targeting a post-modernist, agnostic society.

This is why I always encourage local pastors and churches to partner with local Christian radio, by contributing talent from with their congregation, to share a message, or to create a new program. If Christian radio is the last public voice for Christianity, then that’s something worth contributing to, worth financing, and worth praying for every day.


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