The Gift of Early Mornings

I get up pretty early, usually at 4:45am. Sometimes earlier, but I try to maintain that set time each weekday. I sleep in on weekends.


Although it can be a struggle to get up some days, especially in winter, where it’s simply warmer to stay in bed, I find that once I am up (and I have my coffee) I enjoy this time.


Once my day proper begins it is rushed, noisy, busy, and I spend most of it making key decisions, having conversations, proactively thinking. I enjoy this, but this sort of lifestyle can take its toll.


I find that it is essential to my sanity to have a space of silence at some stage during my day. Mostly for me this is in the early hours of the morning, before anyone else in my household is up yet. This allows me time to focus my brain, preparing it for the day ahead.


My morning routine consists of getting up, using the bathroom, making a coffee, sitting down at my writing desk, reading a passage from the Bible, writing in my journal. After this I will do a variety of things, including, praying, writing a blog entry (like I am right now), or working on a current project, whether that be a film, novel, or even a sermon. Once 7am hits, the rest of my family rises and so I close my books and begin my day proper, where I shower, shave, get dressed, pack lunch, and head out to the world beyond my house.


My quiet early mornings are certainly a gift. A gift I couldn’t do without. They prepare me for my day. They set my mind in focus. They erase any doubts in my head. They are my fortress of solitude, where I prepare myself to do good in the big wide world out there.

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