The Media Arm of the Local Church

I’m just about to go off and see a Christian film which is having a local screening. I have been invited along as a VIP, which I think makes me some kind of local Christian leader. And while I am looking forward to the film, and in fact the local Christian radio station, Pulse 94.1 which I run, is the media partner and got right behind the screening, giving it massive exposure on-air, there is something that frustrates me.

It’s got nothing to do with the film itself, or the event, or the churches and people involved. Everything about this event I am about to go to says that it’s a good godly thing we are doing.

My frustration is with the excited hype which often surrounds one off events like this. Many local Christian leaders have really rallied around this film screening to make it happen. There has been a lot of time and resources put into it. And there is a sense of awe about it. People are almost whispering when they speak of it, as though this film screening will be the answer they have been seeking. There is an expectancy in their voices, almost of though they believe that this event will be the trigger which kicks off a long expected revival.

And therein lies my frustration.

Christian leaders seem to see this one time media event as such a big exciting deal – the answer to their problems. But yet, they fail to get as excited about the local Christian media resource which has been around for 30 years, and broadcasts 24 hours every day of the year, and seeks to serve the church. The local Christian radio station.

My heart cries for the church to rally behind their local Christian radio station, in the same way that they rally behind these traveling events. Imagine the impact if the local church got as excited about their local media broadcaster. Now that could be revival.