Local Christian Radio – an Untapped Power? [Part 3]

20130503-155433.jpgEvery church I know wants to get God’s Word out there and influence the local community in a powerful way. Right now, across all denominations and on several continents, there is a burning passion among churches to connect with those non-church-attending local people. They’ve had enough of being a members only club, and now have a renewed excitement to genuinely impact the lives of local people in a positive and powerful way.

There’s also been a move by the church to impact the local community in new, innovative, outside-of-the-box and outside-of-the-church-building activities. And this excites me! I love stuff that’s different and I hate stuff that’s normal. You know when it’s said of other people that they think outside of the box? – well I was BORN outside of the box! I live, work and play outside the box and to my knowledge I’ve never ever been inside the box.

So it simply baffles me that most churches do not partner with their local Christian radio station. Because radio, by its very nature, only reaches people outside the walls of a church. Radio is your powerful outside-of-the-box outreach solution.

But how does the Local Church and the Christian radio station actually work well together?

While there are times that God uses Christian radio to bring someone to faith, it is not its primary purpose. Christian radio gently prepares the hearts & minds of listeners to receive the gospel message. Local Churches bring that one-to-one discipleship and Biblical teaching needed to achieve spiritual maturity. Put the two together and you have a very powerful combination!

Remember your local Christian radio station is not trying to be anyone’s church – but they are designed to be a powerful resource to the local church.

A mind-blowing fact is that most listeners to Christian radio say they have Christian values but do not attend church. That’s right – most people listening to your local station never step into the doors of a church! …but yet they are listening to Christian music and teaching on radio… hmmm… …can you see an opportunity here?

…to link Christian radio and the local church together, bringing those who embrace Christian values into the local church for teaching which will bring them to faith and grow them into a mature walk.

Is God’s vision for this country, for your town – where Christian media broadcasters and the church work together in Kingdom growth? – The Christian media serving the church.