Local Christian Radio – an Untapped Power? [part 4]

20130509-153237.jpgI’ve been writing bout your local Christian radio station and how it is an under-utilized power. I wanted to give a real life example of just how powerful Christian radio can be as it reaches out and goes where the local church can not go. The story below is also a great example of how Christian radio links un-churched listeners into a local church community. My emphasis is not only on convincing you of how powerful Christian radio is, but also how by linking radio and the local church together produces a very powerful result.

In Australia, just south of Sydney in the town of Wollongong, is Pulse 94.1, a Christian station which embodies subtle evangelism, playing a mix of mainstream (secular) music mixed in with Christian hits. It’s a contemporary pop rock sound. Pulse 94.1 conducts regular independent surveys which show that while most of their listeners consider themselves to be Christian, less than 20% attend church once a month or more! So more than 80% of their listeners are open to the gospel, but for a variety of reasons, never attend church. – this is low hanging fruit if I ever saw it!

Pulse 94.1 produces a local weekly program (Straight To The Heart) where a local pastor is interviewed about their ministry journey. This is a very personal interview, which is pre-recorded and cut into 5 minute segments and played over an hour during the week with music and ads in-between. The result of this program has been that listeners have heard a pastor on-air and then turned up to their church on Sunday morning as a direct result from hearing the interview on the local Christian radio station.

Here’s what one of these newly church connected listeners wrote into the radio station:

“Hi guys just letting you know how good and how much just listening to your station has helped and guided me. I had been through some real tough times. My marriage had broken down, I was in trouble with the law and I was totally lost and without any hope. Through you guys I heard Rev. Peter Chapman talking on your station and, thanks to God, found out he was the minister at a local church in my home town of Gerringong! I have started going there and have found God and Jesus and it has totally changed my life. It has changed how I see the world and how I act. I am only new with the Christian thing and am learning so much from the Bible and continually listening to you guys.”

Powerful stuff?