Noah, Russell Crowe and the Christian Horde

noah-posterThe new Hollywood film, Noah, staring Australian Russell Crowe is being released and there has been a lot of criticism from ‘Christians’ who have never actually seen the film.

Things which concern me about this are:

1. Pastors love to use any old ‘not-particularly-christian film’ as a sermon illustration, but yet we have ‘Christians’ actively criticizing an overtly biblical story made into a Hollywood blockbuster?

2. Jesus said, “Whoever is not against us is for us.” Mark 9:38 – 41

So, what’s the problem here really? Jesus said it dude!

3. Christians are prevalent when it comes to spreading unsubstantiated rumors, both via the Internet and apart from it. Pastors spread them from the pulpit, they are discussed at length at bible study group, they are written about in blogs and tweeted around the globe. But what they never are is checked at the source.

4. As Christians let us engage with the media, instead of being afraid of it. (Criticizing a film you’ve never seen is a sign that you are afraid of it, just like a child is afraid of the unknown boogeyman.) Use this film as a conversation starter… unless you disagree with friendship evangelism that is.

5. If we are going to be concerned about the theology in Hollywood films, then we should be more concerned with films like The Matrix, which appear to be a Christian metaphor, but are rather more akin to a Gnostic Gospel.

6. This one overrides them all: My mum became a Christian through listening to Elvis Presley sing gospel songs. If that can do it for her, then how much more can ‘Noah‘ a bible story on the big screen do it?

To read the thoughts of one of the only people who have seen it so far, read Phil Cooke’s post here:

Your thoughts on this?