Mackenzie Tanaya and the Faerie Key: a Serial Novel



This is the first novel in the Mackenzie Tanaya series, and I am pleased to be presenting it as a serial novel.

I’ve written this pre-teens novel (8-12yrs) for my daughter, Mackenzie, who loves fairies, butterflies, and all those girly things.

It’s the story of a little girl, who has just turned ten, who one day falls into the magical land of Faerie, and begins a hero’s journey, where she learns important life lessons from a variety of fairy-folk. At first she is scared, but through overcoming many obstacles, she learns to grow up, become stronger, as she joins with a team of fairies, who embark on a journey to save Faerie – and all other worlds – from the evil Lilith.


So, what’s all this SERIAL stuff about then?

While serializing a novel digitally, and selling them as an ongoing periodical subscription, may be a fairly recent development, serialized novels have been around for a very long time.

The most famous of these are the novels by a Mr. Charles Dickens, who I’m certain you’ve heard of. Dickens first published his classic The Old Curiosity Shop as a weekly publication, in April, 1840. It was not until all ‘episodes’ were complete, that he published them as a complete novel.

A serial novel today is much the same as a weekly TV episode of your favourite series. A new section of the novel comes out each week, fortnight, or month, and you have the option of subscribing to the series, like a magazine subscription, ensuring you never miss the latest instalment.

As a writer, this appeals to me, for I can write the novel in progressive stages, and allow you, the reader, to enjoy the novel in progress, as it is written; without having to wait 10 months or longer for me to finish the entire book, and go through the long publishing process. Additionally, this allows my readers to provide feedback about the novel, which may indeed influence my own writing of the story. Almost as though you get to write the story with me.

A serial novel, is much the same as watching your favourite TV series unfold, with a new episode each week, telling you the continuing story. You wouldn’t normally sit down and watch an entire season in one sitting – rather you enjoy the continuing story as each episode comes out.

A serial novel is something you can subscribe to, like a magazine, giving you a new episode of the story every month.

I hope that you do fall in love with Mackenzie Tanaya, and the many colourful characters she encounters in the magical land of Faerie.

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