Here Comes The Boom [example of ‘Christianity’ in Film]


Here Comes The Boom
Directed by Frank Coraci
Produced by Todd Garner & Kevin James
Written by Allan Loeb & Kevin James
Starring: Kevin James
Genre: Comedy

This is an example of what I call ‘Christianity in Film – Type 3‘, where a Christian character is portrayed as normal, likable or popular. For example the character will say or do apparently ‘Christian’ things during the film which are treated as a normal part of everyday life and perfectly acceptable. ie: praying, reading the Bible or attending church.


Disclaimer: All examples of ‘Christianity in Film are of films not marketing themselves as ‘Christian films’.

Basic storyline: 
Scott Voss is a lazy, inept High School teacher who hates his job. But when the school’s music program is in jeopardy he steps up to save it by become a professional MMAcompetitor in the UFC. It’s a hero’s journey comedy where School of Rock meets Rocky Balboa.

Where is ‘Christianity’ in this movie?

1. In the opening titles we see James’ character Scott Voss asleep on his bed in comical fashion. On the wall above his bed hangs a crucifix, symbolizing his Catholic faith.

2. To make extra money Voss teaches a citizenship class and is interrupted by the AA meeting next door saying the Serenity Prayer. Voss stops the class and bows his head while they finish their prayer.

3. The MMA entrance music Voss chooses is “Boom” by Christian metal band P.O.D. This song is also then played throughout the rest of the film, including an acoustic version by Henry Winkler!

4. At dinner, Voss’s new MMA mentor stands up and quotes directly from Genesis 32:24 and gives a mini-sermon on how Jacob wrestled God, prevailing and winning God’s respect. This is all treated as a normal part of life.

5. Salma Hayek‘s character Bella begins to wear a cross necklace after she starts to take an interest in Voss.

6. Just before Voss enters the octagon at the UFC we see him and his trainers hold hands in a circle, bow their heads and pray – ending with ‘amen’.

This is a great example of a popular comedy film which portrays a normal guy moving from obscurity to greatness, who happens to also be a Christian.

Other Interesting bits:
Henry Winkler plays Marty, the school’s music teacher who passionately argues that the music program should have the same priority as the sports team. This is an interesting role for Winkler who is openly vocal about the faults of our modern education system.