I’m sharing this video produced by Cooke Pictures in Hollywood, which showcases Christian leaders and Hollywood insiders views on the new Noah movie, starring Australian Russell Crowe. CEO of the company, Phil Cooke was asked to create this short video feature, after his international interviews and blog posts regarding the movie. All of these leaders have seen the film, and after the short video, keep watching for a series of quotes about the film from additional respected pastors and ministry leaders. I encourage you to watch this promo – share it immediately, and then in only a few days time, go and see the movie at your local cinema. I myself will be seeing it at the Sydney Premiere this Thursday night. And as a Christian, keep in mind that Biblical accuracy is not the prime concern in any movie. Movies are designed to be conversation starters, and so I encourage you to treat the Noah movie as just that – a powerful, contemporary, timely conversation starter with your friends, family and co-workers.


I’ve now seen the movie myself – check out my first thoughts here…

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  • Josh, I, too, was super excited at my ol’ pal’s excitement (I’ve been following Phil since before starting my MMASFY group in 2005 – and thanks for following me, btw!).. but, having just watched Pi, another film by Aronofsky (writer/director), and having just read this scathing and thought-provoking article – – I’m not so excited.. but rather apprehensive. Please also consider reading this extensive article on the matter –

    If you do, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

    • Hey Tom. Thanks for your comments. On reviewing the original New Yorker article – the original source where Aronofsky was quoted, I can see that the 2 articles you referred to have misquoted him. The line about it being the “least Biblical film ever made” is taken out of context by these 2 articles. The director said “the least Biblical film ever made” as in new, different, expectation breaking, not a sandal-and-donkey movie like we’ve seen in the past. That’s hardly the same thing as the incorrect quote they are attributing to him.

      In any case, I’ll be seeing it on Thursday night at the Sydney premiere, and I’ll be treating this movie with an evangelism motivation – that is, using it as a conversation starter with my family, friends and co-workers. I suggest every Christian does likewise.

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