Entrepreneurial Creativity

The current slogan on my personal blog site (where you’re likely reading this), says ‘Entrepreneurial Creativity.’ I thought I would write a little bit explaining what I mean by this.

The word creativity is a good way to describe my natural abilities, or talents if you like. I’m naturally inclined and able to pick up a new musical instrument and be playing a tune on it an hour later. I’m good at, and actually interested in, acting, film making, fine art, guitar, piano, and even crochet. More than that, I think in a creative manner, letting my mind wander to the far reaches of the Universe (well, North Wollongong Beach at least).

An entrepreneur starts things. In the New Testament they call them apostles. They take an idea, and turn it into something real. This is a good way to describe the other side of my brain. I have no idea if it’s the left, right, back or front side, but I do know that my two strengths are that I am highly creative and highly entrepreneurial. Often at the same time.

My Master of Business Management (MBA) has honed the entrepreneurial side much more the past two years. Covering everything from leadership to financial management. One of the interesting things I discovered while studying the several entrepreneurship subjects, was that while these textbooks are focused on business, they all regarded entrepreneurship as starting with creativity. One book even outlines a seven-stage-process for creativity, and techniques for improving the creative process.

Regarding the slogan in question, as it applies to me, refers to understanding the business process, when forming a creative product. Rather than using a creative process to create some widgets, I use it to create art. But art that sells.

I won’t bore you here with what I’ve already written elsewhere about how most ‘creatives’ need to get their act together and learn some business skills. But I will end by saying that it is a rare thing for a creative person to turn their skills and talents into something practical that fills a need. Too much focus on the why, and not enough, if any, focus on the how.

‘Entrepreneurial Creativity’, to me, means managing like an entrepreneur, while understanding that your creative releases, need to be a marketable product that people will pay money for.


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