Creativity + Innovation = Entrepreneurship!


I know many artists, actors, musicians who love to focus their whole life on being creative. Some even refer to themselves as ‘creatives’, as though that’s a job title.

Creativity is important, but a bit like ‘passion’, it is only ever useful when applied or written down in a plan. Don’t get me wrong, I love to paint, act, direct, produce, write… but while ‘creativity’ is discovering new ways of looking at life, or developing new ideas, alone it is not enough to get through life.

This is where ‘innovation’ comes into play.  Innovation is creativity in action. The ability to take all those creative thoughts from your head, and applying them to practical solutions. Hopefully to help someone or make someone’s life a bit easier.

And when you add creativity and innovation together, what you get is true entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship comes from the process of applied creativity. That is, taking creative ideas, applying them through innovation, but applying them to needs and gaps in the marketplace.

So, if you’re a creative person and you feel like your talent isn’t taking you anywhere, then it may be time to apply those creative thoughts to something practical and something that people actually need.

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