Creative Focus – what dat?

There are simply too many creative people who never achieve anything significant, due to their lack of focus.

No Focus

A sad fact within creative communities is the prevalence of scatterbrained individuals, who while certainly being highly artistically creative people, leap from one project (or even conversation topic) to the next, constantly dumping one unfinished project, taking up the next. And the next. This undisciplined lifestyle is ironically celebrated amongst these artistic communities, with each individual having to become evermore scatterbrained and metaphysical, in order to fit in with their peers. The culture of these groups is a focus on being creative, rather than focusing on craft development, professionalism, or, God forbid, business skills such as marketing their products. They are stoned hippies, not true artists. (If you’re in such a group – RUN KID RUN, and don’t look back!)

Misplaced Focus

I know too many potential, promising filmmakers who make the simultaneously career building and creative-mind-killing decision to film wedding videos, or TVCs, in order to make a buck, while they wait for the right film-making opportunity. All of these people never ever make a film. They get too bogged down in their career as a wedding videographer, and all their creative juices and energy are completely sucked out dry, by the end of the day. Nothing left to create. And what’s worse – is they’ll begin to hate the very thing they first loved, as the film-making becomes a job, and bitterness festers inside, teasing them with ‘what if’ for the rest of their lives.

What If I Did Focus?

If only some of the highly creative people who dream big would be disciplined enough to focus solely on that one big thing. Yes, it will be damn hard, a journey too risky for most to take. But yet, you take discipline, creative talent, focus, craft excellence, determination to succeed, single-minded-focus-on-that-one-big-thing, and some of these creative minds might just crawl out from under that shady rock of fear, and do the thing that everyone says they’ll never do – they might just make that film, write that novel, achieve their dream.

Is this just me having a rant, or do you know what I’m talking about?

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