Mackenzie Tanaya and the Faerie Key

This is the first novel in the Mackenzie Tanaya series, and I am pleased to be presenting it as a monthly serial.

I’ve written this pre-teens novel for my daughter, Mackenzie, who loves fairies, butterflies, and all those girly things.

It’s the story of a little girl, who has just turned ten, who one day falls into the magical land of Faerie, and begins a hero’s journey, where she learns important life lessons from a variety of fairy-folk. At first she is scared, but through overcoming many obstacles, she learns to grow up, become stronger, as she joins with a team of fairies, who embark on a journey to save Faerie – and all other worlds – from the evil Lilith.

But, I’ll let you begin reading before I give too much away.


Little Bluewing

A captivating short tale of rebellion and redemption. Enjoyed by children and adults alike, this short story will encourage, challenge, and inspire. Humorous and witty, thoughtful and provoking, this fairy tale allegory takes a domestic chicken, and turns her into an unlikely heroine. Readers of all ages will relate to the emotional turmoil experienced by Little Bluewing, as she transitions from protagonist to antagonist, and back again. A beautifully written, well-crafted story, which ticks all the boxes for the avid reader and lover of fairy tales. Themes of doubt, faith, love, rejection, rebellion, and forgiveness, are clearly portrayed within the story’s philosophy. Adults who love fairy tales, will fall in love with this book, as they read it to themselves, or to their children as a bedtime story. Children will instantly fall into the dreamland of the kind
farmer’s chicken coop, and want to read it again and again.

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If you have ever wondered about why your local Christian Radio station exists, then this is the book for you. In Powerful Christian Radio, author Josh Reid explains in easy-to-read language, the Strategy, Impact and Ministry of your local Christian Radio station. In other words – how does God touch people’s lives through the ministry of Christian Radio. Using practical real life examples, this book will show you things you don’t know about Christian Radio, and challenge your thinking in the way you view it.

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