Josh Reid is an Australian business entrepreneur and media professional, having worked in stage, radio and film for over 25 years. For 8 years, he was the CEO of Pulse 94.1, the local Christian radio station based in Wollongong, NSW. Recently, after 6 months of struggling with the decision, he stepped down from this role, to move into God’s next path for him.  He is author of non-fiction book ‘Powerful Christian Radio’ (now in its second edition) which explains the strategy, impact and ministry of local Christian radio. Josh has also written the children’s allegory ‘Little Bluewing,’ which is a prequel to his upcoming children’s novel ‘The Faerie Key’, which has Christian analogies, metaphor and symbolism throughout. Josh is also producer and director of evangelical feature film ‘1500 Steps’ which gained distribution in the USA and other countries.

Josh has earned a Graduate Certificate in Management, a Graduate Diploma in Management, and an MBA, specialising in entrepreneurial management. His research thesis studied the management barriers faced by self-published writers, in creating a viable, entrepreneurial enterprise. He has also studied tertiary units in writing and communications.

Josh is an amateur Christian apologist, understanding that it’s important to know why we believe. He works with Christians involved in the creative arts and media, encouraging them to have an active Bible reading and prayer time, as they go out and influence culture. He also consults to creative businesses, developing their strategic business plans.

He and his family attend ‘Crossroads Christian Community’, an Anglican church in Wollongong where he leads the young adults group, and preaches occasionally. Josh and his wife Loretta have been married for 19 years and they have 3 children aged 16, 13 and 9. They met while travelling with theatre ministry Covenant Players, where there were full-time actors for 5 years. He enjoys dabbling in fine art painting and playing guitar, as well as enjoying camping with his family.


My Story so far:

Until quite recently, I was the CEO of local Christian radio station, Pulse 94.1, in Wollongong. I served in this role since 2008, and have been involved in the screen, stage and broadcasting industry for more than 20 years.

I left school at 17 and joined travelling Christian theatre company, Covenant Players, where I travelled across Australia and South-East Asia for 5 years. For someone so young, this was a great experience, where I not only learned many life and leadership skills, but also got to travel a good portion of the world.

After leaving the group I discovered that while I had a lot of life experience and leadership skills, I did not understand how to transfer them onto a resume and find a suitable job. Thus began what I refer to as my ‘lost years’. I worked in a variety of entry level jobs which did not use any of my skill sets. I worked in several call centres, which is mind numbing work for anyone, and perhaps particularly for a highly creative person. I was a plumbers labourer. I was a brickies labourer. I installed light globes. Eventually I bought a business and installed CCTV security cameras for several years. While the business went well, I knew I was not using any of my natural skill set, and at the time I thought I never would.

One day something changed. I read a book called Reposition Yourself: Living Life Without Limits by T.D. Jakes. The key message I got from this book was that if I ever wanted to live the life I’ve always dreamed of, having a career in the field I desired to work in, then I needed to change things now. If I wanted to work in media in 5 years time – I needed to put things in place today that would start moving me towards that goal.

Almost immediately I started changing things. I enrolled in a Bachelor of Communication (Creative Writing major) through Open Universities. I did a film course and began making short films. I began subscribing to film industry magazines. I began writing screenplays and entering competitions. I began to volunteer on-air at the local Christian radio station. I began to apply for jobs in the media industry. I had that mental shift, but I also began to put things in place in order to re-position my life to where I desired to be.

While I had some success with my short films in festivals and TV screenings, nothing was opening up for me career-wise. I was still installing security cameras. Then one day I was offered the job as CEO of a Christian Radio station in Wollongong, Australia. I took on the job, and over a period of 8 years, turned a struggling regional station, into a sustainable, powerful media resource, partnering with the local church by focusing on direct links between the local church and our un-churched radio listeners.

Through this work I was introduced to the wider community of Christian media professionals across Australia and around the world. This opened my eyes to many other opportunities, including directing and producing my own feature film, 1500 Steps, in my spare time. From here I was able to travel to the USA where I saw more opportunities, and now have a strong network of Christian media professionals, all around the world.

So, over a period of about 10 years, I have indeed re-positioned myself to now be where I desired to be. But to get here, I had to make a mental shift, put practical things in place, and keep working hard, pushing uphill towards the goal.

After a few years at Pulse 94.1, I discovered that a major problem the sector has is that church pastors and church attending Christians to not view their local Christian radio station as a ministry. I saw this as a major hurdle for both the impact level of Christian radio, and the strengthening and impact of the local church. I had several attempts at creating an education pack of some sort, in order to help pastors see how the ministry side of Christian radio really worked. This culminated into my book, Powerful Christian Radio.

My Contact Information:

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