7 Ways To Reset Your Day

What do you do when you’ve had a rotten start to your day? Give up? Go back to bed? Quit your new year resolutions?


Ultimately there are only 2 options:


Option 1: Be miserable the rest of the day, and make sure everyone else you come into contact with becomes just as miserable as you are.


Option 2: Reset. Start the day again with a fresh start, as though your first attempt never happened.


Here are my 7 Ways to Reset Your Day:
1. Go back to bed. Simple as it sounds, getting back into your pyjamas, pulling the covers over and closing your eyes can really help you reset. Sleep for another 20 minutes or so, and then get up and try again.


2. Dress well. I don’t know what you normally wear, but a great way to reset your day is to give yourself a mental shift, but dressing up more than you normally would. Perhaps wear your best suit, a nice tie, put some wax in your hair. Put on those stilettos you wouldn’t normally wear to the office. Put on bright red lipstick, dress as though you are going out to conquer the world. Then forget about the lousy start you had, and go out and conquer!

3. Write in your daily journal all your morning woes (this is how I came up with these 7 points!). Write them all down in great detail. Tell your journal all about it, and how it makes you feel. This will transfer all your frustrations out of your mind, and into your journal. Thus freeing up you mind to now focus on the possibilities, not the problems.

4. If appropriate for public screening, blog about it, and share on social media. Let everyone else know your frustrations (particularly if it has a humorous slant) and let your ‘friends’ comment back to commiserate with you. Sometime simply letting others know about how you feel, and finding out they have been in similar situations, can make you feel a whole lot better.


You are not alone.


5. Review a pre-prepared list of things that are good about you. This might be something you keep in a notes program on your smart phone, stuck on your fridge, above your desk, or even a laminated card in your pocket. It is as simple as 5 to 7 points about your best qualities. They must be things which are true about yourself, things which you know are true about you when you are feeling your best. This may be a handy resource for you when you are about to walk into an appointment or meeting, about to do a media interview, or a public speech.

6. Write down 5 good and true things about yourself. Even if you already have the above list already, when you are feeling bad this is a great exercise to help reset your day. Also you could simply re-write the existing list, which can have a positive effect.

7. Pray. If you are so inclined, as I am, dump all those morning woes at God’s feet. Picture yourself mentally, physically and spiritually picking them up and dropping them before your creator. Thank God for taking them from you, and walk away.

Everyone has terrible morning starts. They’re in no way fun. We could do without them. But in reality, we only mature as we learn how to tackle and overcome these obstacles better. So be encouraged.


Reset your day. Go out and conquer!

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